Cooperation with Schaubuehne - Berlin, supported by Goethe Institut, Rosa Luxemburg foundtion
Premiere: April, 2018


The project deals with the Theme of languages and speech, as an instrument to communicate and deliver thoughts and feelings, but also as an instrument to reject the “other” language. As a political instrument mixed with manipulation that creates a lexicon that is pointed to the ultimate victim - but also as an action which floods the yearning to the simple and understood language, the forgotten language.

The context is the education system in school and the story is about a group of pupils and teachers, in the 60th+70th decades- after 67 War. Each one of them has his-her own narrative, but when they are called to assemble, they get the power of obedient mass.

The project is based on different forum of writing, including: prose and poem (Claudel, Abramowitch, Von Horvath), theory (Canetti, Chomsky, Boll, Adi Ophir), philosophy (Socrates) and new writing.

Arabic, Hebrew, English, Yiddish, German-with German subtitles


Concept and Directing: Ofira Henig

Acting: Yussef Abu-Warda, Maya Omaia Alkeesh, Carlos Gharzuzi/Sheeri Chen, Iftach Mizrahi, Khalifa Natour, Salwa Nakkara/Anan Abu Jabir, Lani Shahaf, Ilil Lev Kenaan/Dana Sorin, Yossef Zabari, Stephan Wolf Schoenburg


Visual Concept: Roni Toren

Costumes: Annie Atedgy

Light: Rafael Ovadia

Sound: Ido Manor

German Translation: Lukas Czech

Arabic Translation: Khalifa Natour

English Subtitles: Leonard Becker, Ellen Gallagher - PANTHEA


Production: Anna Bergel

Assistant Directing: Matan Amsalem

Subtitles Editing & Operating: Murad Abu-Elheja


Photos: Gianmarco Biesadola

Video: Gerard Alon

Edited Trailer: Tomer Katri


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