Nathan der Weise

Produced by Goethe Institut, Tel Aviv
Premiere: January, 2016

Public reading of the known play by Lessing which deals with the wisdom of the human being, confronting the radical prespective of religion.

The play is in three languages: German, Arabic and Hebrew and was performed in different cities in Israel: Jaffa, Acco, Be'er Sheva and Jerusalem.

By: Ephraim Lessing
Translation from German to Hebrew: Doron Tavori
Translation from German to Arabic: Riad Masarwi
Design: Miriam Guretzki-Bilu
Sound: Ido Manor
Light: Rafi Ovadia
Actors: Doron Tavori, Jutta Hoffmann, Florian Innerebner, Toomas Taht, Salwa Nakkara, Suheil Haddad, Yara Jarrar, Murad Abu Elheja, Gad Kaynar
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